Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Petition launched now?

We are going through a difficult phase in the history of the Cyprus Problem.  This may be our last chance of averting the partition of Cyprus.  This is what we will end-up with, if we fail to re-unite our home country.  There is a serious risk of seeing this happening, despite the fact that most Greek Cypriots and most Turkish Cypriots unreservedly reject the amputation of Cyprus.

To whom is the Petition addressed?

The Petition for the re-unification of Cyprus is addressed to the President of the Republic and the leader of the Greek Cypriot community.  Indirectly, the Petition is also addressed to the international community and, in general, to all those involved in Cypriot politics.

What is the Petition aiming at?

The Petition is intended to raise the awareness of all those involved in the resolution of the Cyprus Problem to the fact that the passage of time leads to the creation of circumstances, which are gradually becoming irreversible and that the prolongation of the prevailing uncertainty poses serious risks to the future of the Greek Cypriot community.  Our goal is to motivate our leaders to press on with courage in the direction of resolving the Cyprus Problem (on the basis proclaimed by the President of the Republic before the General Assembly of the United Nations ιν September of 2019, agreed at the meeting of the leaders of the two communities in Berlin and confirmed by the Resolutions of the Security Council of the U.N., dated 30 January 2020 and 28 July 2020) and to assure them that in this effort of theirs we will be standing next to them to provide them with our full help and support.

Why are the Turkish Cypriots not participating in the Petition?

The Petition is addressed to the leader of the Greek Cypriot community by the members of the Greek Cypriot community. Nevertheless, we hope that the Petition will encourage and motivate our Turkish Cypriots compatriots to support a solution based on a model of a bicommunal, bizonal federation.

Which political party is sponsoring the Petition?

The Petition is a truly supra-partisan initiative and it is not associated with any political party, in any way.

Who is coordinating the procedure of compiling, signing and delivering the Petition?

The Petition initiative has been undertaken by a group of Greek Cypriots, who have no party-political aspirations, their interest being confined to serving the interests of Cyprus.  The members of the coordinating committee of this initiative are (in aging order) Phanos Epiphaniou, Andreas Matsis, Eleftherios (Eric) Montanios, Christos P. Panayiotides and Pavlos Anastasiades.  From the listing of the names of the distinguished Cypriots, who have first signed the Petition, you will note that they cover the whole political and social spectrum of Cyprus and they are dispersed throughout Cyprus.

For how long will the Petition remain “open” for signing by the public?

The period of time over which the Petition will remain “open”, i.e. the period during which will be possible to sign, will be limited.  For this reason, please act immediately.  Please encourage your parents, your children who have come of age, your friends, your relatives and your acquaintances to do likewise.

What is the procedure that must be followed for signing the Petition?

By either using your mobile telephone or your computer, search for the site <>, which is the platform on which the Petition is sitting, and follow the instructions.  Alternatively, use your mobile telephone to read the QR code printed on our cards and leaflets, which will take you directly to the Petition platform.  The procedure for signing the Petition is quick and simple.

If you encounter any difficulty, you may seek help-desk support by dialling 700-74-777, during working days, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

How will the particulars of the persons, who will sign the Petition, will be used?

For the purposes of the safe keeping and the secure collection and processing of the data, we have engaged the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA), which is equipped with the necessary tools (hardware and software) that will provide the maximum reliability to the whole process.

The use of the personal data that will be collected as a result of signing the Petition will be WHOLLY AND EXCLUSIVELY confined to supporting the number of the citizens that have signed the Petition.  It is possible that communicating with these people, on a very limited scale, may be deemed desirable for the purposes of updating them with the Petition progress.  No isolated references will be made to specific names or other data, under any circumstances.  Nor will any data be released to any third party for any commercial, political or other purpose.