Mr. N. Anastassiades
President of the Republic of Cyprus


We, the undersigned citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, 


  1. The failure to reach an agreed solution to the Cyprus problem will consolidate the partition of the country and will, in essence, transform the occupied area of Cyprus into a protectorate of Turkey, thus creating, on the ground, an extended land frontier with Turkey, which, in the future, could very well risk the whole of Cyprus falling into the hands of Turkey.
  2. There already exists the danger of Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot administration opening up the fenced area of occupied Famagusta (Varosha) for settlement by persons other than its lawful inhabitants and/or exploitation by Turkish business concerns as well as for the possible settlement of Greek Cypriots under a Turkish Cypriot administration.
  3. Without the resolution of the Cyprus problem, there is a real risk of the Republic of Cyprus failing to commercially exploit the wealth resting in its exclusive economic zone.
  4. There are no visible prospects of the strong geopolitical negotiating position currently enjoyed by Turkey being substantially weakened.
  5. As demonstrated by recent developments, the likelihood of causing such a cost to Turkey, so as to force her to accept a solution we would consider ideal, is remote.
  6. Today, no developments are in sight that could favourably affect the prevailing circumstances, thus enabling us to arrive at a solution that would be materially better than the solution outlined below.
  7. The solution referred to below will be both functional and viable, especially given Cyprus’ membership of the European Union, which will facilitate the smooth functioning of the federation and the resolution of the disputes that could arise.
  8. The solution, as outlined below, is likely to be supported by the majority of Greek Cypriots, provided that they will be promptly and properly briefed.
  9. The only available options under the prevailing harsh reality are either a negotiated solution or the partition of Cyprus and the effective surrendering to Turkey of ancestral lands with a history of thousands of years.


To do whatever is necessary to secure a positive course and a successful outcome of the negotiation process, in order to reach an agreed solution of the Cyprus problem that entails the transformation of the Republic of Cyprus into a bicommunal bizonal federation, with political equality and effective participation of the two communities, as provided by the Resolutions of the Security Council. The basis of such an agreement must be the Joint Declaration of 11 February 2014, the convergences attained so far in the negotiation process and the Framework of the Secretary General of the United Nations of 30 June 2017 with its six parameters.

It is understood that:

  • It will be agreed, as suggested by the Secretary General, that the anachronistic guarantees and unilateral intervention rights shall be abolished and Turkey’s occupation forces shall be withdrawn within a given timeframe.
  • Arrangements that will provide the required sense of security to both communities shall be made and deadlock-resolution mechanisms shall be introduced at the federal level, while an implementation and supervision plan of the agreed solution shall be laid out and accepted by all concerned.
  • The agreement reached shall explicitly prohibit the partition of Cyprus or the secession of a segment of the country and its union, in whole or in part, with another country.

We anticipate that the opportunities generated by the current developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, concerning the exploitation of natural resources, will be utilised in a manner that would serve the superior goal of resolving the Cyprus problem, rather than the other way round.

Furthermore, we could agree that, post-solution, natural gas could be channeled to its ultimate destination via Turkey, while the issue of the delineation of the EEZ between Cyprus and Turkey is referred to a competent international arbitration court.

We wish to underline the need to take all the necessary practical measures, which would facilitate and promote the independence of the Turkish Cypriots from Turkey. In this respect, we should seek to regain their trust. This goal can be attained by catering for their needs, their fears and their concerns in our proposals for the resolution of the Cyprus problem and by addressing, in practical terms, their day-to-day problems.

In conclusion, we believe that our side must approach the negotiations with a commitment to the idea that a solution must and can be reached. If, despite our honest and genuine efforts, the attainment of this goal proves unfeasible, we will at least be able to clearly demonstrate that the obstacle in reaching an agreement is Turkey, thus mitigating the adverse consequences of such an undesirable development.

WE WISH TO ASSURE YOU THAT we will wholeheartedly support the efforts exerted in reaching a solution, as hereby described. 

April 2021


The first signatories to the Petition are listed below (in alphabetical order):

Acniotis Haris

  • ex-Central Bank Senior Executive

Adilinis Lefteris

  • Journalist

Afxentiou Costas

  • Chartered Accountant

Anastasiades Pavlos

  • ex-Ambassador

Anastassiou Christos

  • Retired Businessman

Andreou Tryphonas

  • Businessman

Angastiniotis Christodoulos

  • President of Chamber of Commerce

Apostolides Meletis

  • Architect

Bargilly Andy

  • Scenographer

Bishop Vassilios

  • Bishop of Famagusta

Charalambous Andreas

  • Economist

Charalambous Charalambos M.

  • Economist

Charalambous Pambos

  • Journalist

Charalambous Sotiroula

  • ex-Minister of Labour

Christodoulides George

  • Educationist

Christou Andreas

  • ex-Minister, ex-Mayor of Limassol

Clerides Katie

  • Retired

Clerides Marios

  • ex-Securities Commission President

Clerides Petros

  • ex-Attorney General

Clerides Sofronis

  • Economist

Constantinides Anna

  • Journalist

Constantinides Savvas

  • Interventional Cardiologist

Constantinou Costas M.

  • Prof. of Internat. Relations, Cyprus Univ.

Danielides Yiannos

  • ex-Commissioner for Pers. Data Protection

Demetriades Achilleas

  • Advocate

Demetriou Alexis

  • Businessman

Demetriou Demetris

  • Member of Parliament

Demetriou Haris

  • Ex-champion of CY & GR 400m race

Demetriou Themos

  • Civil Engineer, ex-President of ETEK

Dikaios Sandro

  • Accountant

Diogenous Anna

  • Businesswoman

Dracou Stefi

  • ex-Director General of Assn of Insurance Cos

Efstathiou George

  • Company executive president

Eliades Demetris

  • ex-Minister

Eliades Marios

  • Advocate, ex-Minister

Ellinas Charles

  • Intl consultant on energy and oil

Epiphaniou Phanos

  • Businessman

Fialas Costas

  • Retired

Gabrielides Alexandros

  • Architect

Galanos Christos

  • Lawyer

Galanou Alexandra

  • Writer

Gavrielides Eleonora

  • Journalist / Housewife

Georgallis Costas

  • Entrepreneur

Georghadji Chrystalla

  • ex-Governor of Central Bank of Cyprus

Hadjidemetriou Takis

  • Pres. of Intercom. Cultural Inheritance Committee

Hadjigeorgiou Takis

  • ex-Member of European Parliament

Hadjihambi Habibi Celia

  • Famagusta Municipal Councillor

Hadjihambis Demetrios

  • Former President of the Supreme Court

Iacovides Kyriacos

  • Newspaper Director

Iacovou Pavlos

  • Retired

Iakovou Maria

  • Professor of Archaeology

Ierodiaconou Leontios

  • ex-Minister & Member of Parliament

Ioannou C. Yiannos

  • Economist-Entrepreneur

Ioannou Flora

  • Former Mayor of Kyrenia

Ioannou Pitta Despo

  • Businesswoman

Ioannou Simos

  • Doctor / Mayor of Famagusta

Ionides Andrea

  • Bisinesswoman

Iosifidis Alexandros

  • Ass. Mgr of The Cyprus Maritime Chamber

Jacovides Agni

  • Economist

Joannides Marios

  • Chartered Accountant

Josephides-Agapiou Kalliopi

  • Ass. Prof. Cyprus Univ, Inst. for Gender Equality

Kalavana Theano

  • Scholar

Kalopsidiotou Stavri

  • International Lawyer

Karageorgis Nicolas

  • Information Technology Engineer

Karayiannis Andros

  • IT Consultant

Karayiannis Andros

  • Mayor of Deryneia

Karoullas Nicos

  • Mgr of Pharmaceutical Co.

Kasoulides Ioannis

  • ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Kazakos Thomas

  • Director General, The Cyprus Shipping Chamber

Kazamias Kikis

  • ex-Minister

Kleopas Myrna

  • ex-Ambassador

Kleopas Yiangos

  • ex-Senior Bank Executive

Kozakou-Marcoullis Erato

  • ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs

Larkou Larkos

  • Columnist, Political Analyst

Lefas John

  • Electrical Engineer

Lefkaritis Dinos

  • Businessman

Liatsos Michael

  • Businessman

Loizides Neophytos

  • Prof. of Politics & Intl Relations

Lordos Akis

  • Businessman

Lordos-Ionides Areti

  • Businesswoman

Mahdessian Kevork

  • Consultant

Malas Stavros

  • Academic / ex-Minister

Mandrides Stelios

  • Businessman

Marangou Anna

  • Archaeologist, Art Historian

Markides Alecos ⴕ

  • ex-Attorney General

Maroudias Nicolaos P.

  • Orthodedic Surgeon

Mastri Christoforidou Emilia

  • Businesswoman

Matsis Andreas

  • Businessman

Matsis Symeon

  • Retired Director General, Cyprus Civil Service

Mavrommatis Manthos

  • Businessman

Mavroudis George

  • Businessman

Mesaritis Nikos

  • Architect

Michaelides George

  • Tourism Consultant

Mitsides Christos

  • Advocate

Montanios (Eric) Eleftherios

  • Advocate

Montanios Acis

  • Advocate

Montanios Adamos

  • Advocate

Mylonas Charalambos

  • Shipowner

Nemitsas Takis

  • ex-Minister

Neocleous Gaston

  • Economist, Enorassis Club

Nicolaou Argyro

  • Scholar, Writer

Pachis George

  • Mechanical Engineer

Panayiotides Christos P.

  • Political Analyst, CPA

Papa Ioli

  • Pulmonologist

Papadopoulos Kyriacos D.

  • Author

Papapetrou Demetris

  • Obstetrician-Gynecologist

Papapetrou Michalis

  • Advocate

Papathomas August

  • Financial Advisor

Papavassiliou Christakis Prodromou

  • Shipping Agent

Papavassiliou Chrysostomos

  • Businessman

Pappa Xenia

  • Activist

Paralikis Andreas

  • Economist

Pavlou Christakis

  • Consultant

Pavlou Pavlos

  • President of Assoc. for Social Reform

Peristianis Nicos

  • Sociologist/Founding Pres. Cyprus Univ.

Petrides Petros

  • Executive Director

Phitidis Sophie

  • ex-Deputy Mayor of Famagusta

Pierides Demetrios

  • Art Collector

Pierides Kyriakos

  • Journalist

Pilides Phidias

  • Ex-president of Chamber of Commerce

Pissarides Christoforos

  • Nobel Price Winner Economist

Pourgouras Andreas

  • Business Consultant

Pourgourides Christos

  • Advocate

Psaltis Charis

  • Assoc.Professor, University of Cyprus

Rolandis Nicos

  • ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs & Commerce

Samatas Panos

  • Architect

Sarris Alkis

  • Businessman

Sarris Michalis

  • ex-Minister of Finance

Savvides Eleni

  • Publications Manager

Savvides Nayia

  • Architect

Savvides Savvas

  • Tax Consultant

Shakallis Loizos

  • Businessman

Sierifis Mihalis

  • Ambassador (retired)

Stratis Socrates

  • Architect, Town Planner

Stylianou Athos

  • Cerified Public Accountant

Stylianou Danae

  • Film Director

Stylianou Olympia

  • ex-Perm. Secr.-Min. of Education/Agriculture

Stylianou Stelios

  • ex-Senior Executive of Electrivity Authority

Stylianou Stelios T.

  • High School Teacher

Syrimis G. Nicos

  • Chartered Accountant

Theodoulou Christos

  • Accountant Auditor

Theodoulou Othon

  • Businessman

Thoukidides Thoukis

  • -

Toumazis Yiannis

  • Academic/Curator

Tsielepis Toumazos

  • International Lawyer

Valanidou Christina

  • Activist

Vassiliou Androulla

  • ex-EU Commissioner

Vassiliou Giorgos

  • Former President of the Republic

Yiangou Christos

  • Business Executive

Zannettos Chrysanthos

  • Deputy Mayor of Famagusta

Zavallis Lakis

  • Environmentalist


Turkish Cypriot administration opening up the fenced segment